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Welcome to B&B Crane Rental

B & B Steel Erection began in 1968 in Chattanooga, TN. The crane rental service company began as a structural steel and pre-stressed concrete erection company. B & B Steel was involved in the building of many notable landmark buildings in the Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama areas. The company grew and as a result, crane rental service was added in the late 1970's, however the emphasis was still in steel erection. The crane rental service side continued to grow throughout the 1980s with the purchase of some of the first All Terrain Mobile Hydraulic cranes in the region. By the late 1990s, we had an exclusive crane and rigging company.

B & B Steel has remained a privately held, family owned company since its inception. The company is now being managed by the second generation of the Booker family.

For more information please email us (rbaty@bbcrane.com). or fill out our crane rental quote form.